Quality Translations at Affordable Prices


Translations are not generic goods and can vary greatly in quality. A low-quality translation can result in lost clients, expensive mistakes or a damaged reputation. Therefore, it is very important that your translations are performed according to the best industry-accepted measures.


At Wordcraft, we are committed to quality, and therefore our Danish-English translations comply with commonly-accepted standards for high quality:


  • Translators must be experienced and qualified.

  • Translators must only work INTO their first language and never out of it – you therefore  need an English-speaking translator when translating into English.

  • Our standard model always uses a second linguist on all projects to ensure accuracy, consistency and flow.

  • We use computer-aided translation (CAT) tools as necessary. This is not to be confused with machine translation. CAT tools do not actually translate, they simply remember everything the translator has done to ensure consistency and lower the overall price.


Being an online company with a flat structure, we can offer you very competitive prices for quality translations. At Wordcraft, we don't have layers of management and corporate profits - only the people actually working on your project get paid.


We offer two pricing models. For either model, the exact price will depend on:


  • The difficulty of the text

  • The length of the document (longer documents are cheaper per word)

  • The file format – MS Word is preferred

  • Discounts due to repetitions in the text

  • The project deadline

Please note that for companies and individuals in Denmark, prices will be subject to Danish VAT.


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  • One translator

  • No second review

  • Prices start at EUR 0.13/word

This is the cheapest  and the fastest option. Recommended for in-house documents, texts that will be reviewed internally, etc. Minimum charge, EUR 35


  • Translator and reviewer

  • Second review plus final check

  • Prices start at EUR 0.17/word

Recommended in most cases, for example for documents intended for publishing, marketing materials, legal documents, manuals, etc. Minimum charge, EUR 60.