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IT Translations - for Accuracy, Clarity and Consistency

IT documents need to convey the right information, preferably in a simple and user-friendly manner. Another key element is consistency since inconsistent IT documents can cause confusion among your users. Incorrect or confusing IT texts can result in errors, lost data, costly IT support and frustrated users.


Therefore, your IT texts need to be written in correct, precise and straightforward English or Danish that uses terms consistent with IT standards. The use of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and glossaries is also a good idea, whenever possible, in order to ensure consistency in the terminology and repetitions throughout your documents.


At Wordcraft we have worked with all kinds of IT documents (see table below) across a broad range of industries. Moreover, if you become our client, we will keep a translation memory file specifically for your account (which will be used ONLY for your projects), thus ensuring consistency with any document you send us in the future.


So let us translate your IT texts into accurate, clear and consistent UK/US English or Danish. Contact us now for a free, non-binding offer.

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