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Meticulous Proofreading and Editing at Competitive Prices


Quality in proofreading and editing not only includes the ability to spot grammatical errors and typos, but also to re-work the text so that it flows naturally and speaks the language of your target audience. The goal is to create texts that reflect well upon your company, open doors and achieve the purpose for which they were written.


Our proofreading and editing services include proofreading Danish-English translations and proofreading English texts. We use the following quality measures to ensure that you get fluent, accurate and compelling English texts that work for you rather than against you:

  • Extensive experience with proofreading and editing

  • First language proficiency in UK and US English

  • Track changes (if possible) so that you can clearly see our edits

  • Option to check terminology from glossaries

  • Option to proofread texts in a CAT tool format (e.g. SDL)



It is always necessary to see the text in order to provide a quote since the quality can vary drastically. Whether proofreading a translation or just an English text, the price of proofreading will depend on:

  • The quality of the text

  • The length of the document

  • The file format

The price for proofreading or editing is EUR 45/hour, with a minimum price of EUR 40. All prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable.

Just contact us today for a free, non-binding quote.

Areas of Experience

  • Marketing texts

  • HR documents

  • Other business texts

  • Law/legislation

  • Financial documents

  • Dissertations and theses

  • Academic articles and texts

  • IT, internet, etc.

  • Educational material

  • Correspondence


Contact Us

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During work hours, we usually respond within one hour.

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