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Proofreading Prices

Proofreading is offered for Danish or English, or for translations between the two languages. The price of proofreading depends entirely on the quality of the document. In some cases the quality can be so bad that it is cheaper to translate the text from scratch (this is usually the case if machine translation like Google Translate was used) — we will of course let you know in our non-binding offer. However, for the most part proofreading prices tend to fall in the following ranges:

  • English proofreading: from 0.2 DKK/word
  • Danish proofreading: from 0.25 DKK/word
  • Proofreading a Danish-English translation: from 0.3 DKK/word
  • Proofreading an English-Danish translation: from 0.35 DKK/word